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Members receive access to exclusive training and nutrition videos, as well as documentation detailing some of the most effective and well-known training programs such as push-pull-legs, upper-lower splits, home workouts, macronutrient calculation for cutting and/or bulking, and supplementation analysis. To ensure you win, our clients come first. All offerings are uniquely customized for YOU and your goals.

Access is granted to ALL content for a monthly fee. Please see below for further details on how to join the growing community with Tiered Membership:

Step 1. Click the GET STARTED button below to purchase your membership plan and create your account. Should you have questions, please click [JOIN THE CLUB] in the navigation menu to discuss further with the MAKYUWIN team.

Step 2. In order to interact with the community, visit your Profile and select [Make Profile Public].

Step 3: Enjoy the content via the 'Members' page. 

Welcome to your transformation and welcome winning.

Programming examples detailing how you can prepare your own upper, lower, Push Pull Legs, Powerlifting, or a more intricate plan to further develop your physique. Training videos and discussions with NPC athletes.

Mindset Coaching Topics Include (and not limited to):

  • Obstacles surrounding your current goals

  • Perceived areas of weakness and solutions

  • Defining support

  • Rewriting narratives and thought-patterns to better align with your goals and overall health

In-depth coaching on diet and nutrition to support all goals, cutting and bulking regimes, and general body recomposition. Food shopping examples and supplement videos.

Program enrollment includes:

  • Customized program (training, nutrition, supplementation)

  • Regular check-ins and progress review

  • Exclusive, growing fitness community and coaching team support system

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